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Honouring Audrey’s greatest role on her birthday - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (1988-1993).

"I can testify to what UNICEF means to children, because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II. I have a long-lasting gratitude and trust for what UNICEF does." - Audrey Hepburn

"She smiled at the children, and some of them came forward to stroke her arm and hold her hands as we walked through the village. To the side of the path, just ahead, a small girl sat by herself under the shade of a coconut tree. The little one caught Audrey’s attention, and she asked, ‘Why doesn’t she join the others?’ Walking over, Audrey knelt down and spoke with her. Then, picking her up, she hugged her close. The child’s legs, crippled by polio, dangled uselessly. Carrying the little one Audrey walked towards us, her eyes filled with tears. None of the rest of us had taken notice of that child." - Cole Dodge, UNICEF representative in Bangladesh

"Audrey never, it seems to me, strove or hoped to leave a lasting legacy with her films. Certainly she was tickled by the fact that so many of them had become as popular as they did. What I feel she would have wanted, had she been given more time, would have been to continue her efforts on behalf of children - because she knew it is a never-ending task with much still to be accomplished. If there is anything she would have wished for it is that her work be continued." - Robert Wolders

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